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What do we offer

Estudiante de ayuda

Individual lessons

If what you prefer are individual lessons to guarantee a unique and complete attention to your needs, you also have a place at English&Family. Contact us, tell us what you would like us to offer you and let's start working together!

Grupo de apoyo

Conversation groups

Oral expression is one of the domains that you need to continue to practice even when you have already acquired a good knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. At English&Family we are aware of the importance of maintaining fluency in the spoken language as well as oral comprehension. That's why we organize our conversation groups, that is, meetings between friends where we chat while we have a good time. Contact us and let's start preparing these friendly meetings!

Reunión de empresa

In-company training

English&Family helps companies that want to grow internationally by offering them English language training adapted to their needs. If you would like more information, contact us and we will get you started in the English language. 

Coloridos lomos de los libros

The Reading Club 

The Reading Club of English&Family is a reading club in English where, on a weekly basis, its participants meet to discuss literary works that they have previously agreed to read. These sessions combine discussions, readings, analyses, critiques, comments, etc. A real success for those lovers of reading who not only want to practice their reading comprehension in English, but also want to make use of the language orally through literature. Sounds good, right? Contact us and dive into the literary world in English!

Exam preparation centre

At English&Family we offer our students the possibility to prepare for official exams to certify their English language proficiency.

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